The WOMB Goddess Collective

Women Optimizing Menstrual Balance in a Sacred Sister Membership

Helping you to stop struggling with irregular, heavy or painful periods! 

There are NO Set Protocals...

Many Doctors ONLY provide 2 options to eliminate your pain…
While Coaches and Gurus are telling you to ‘become a VEGAN and ‘overly exercise DAILY’.
But neither are really addressing the underlying problem…
HORMONES and TOXINS....It's that simple!

HORMONE BALANCING and REMOVING TOXINS is the starting place to eliminate pain...

But HARNESSING your own ENERGY and POWER will help you grow emotionally and heal faster.

You are in the Right place if:

You want to ditch traditional advice of having a

You want to manage feeling OVERWHELMED about the amount of lifestyle changes being FORCED on you

   You are READY to grow with a community of women who are using natural solutions and remedies to eliminate reproductive issues.


if you have questions, please

How would your LIFE be different if you could:

  • Have an answer to your unexplained pain in your abdomen/pelvic area? 
  • Have regular cycles? 
  • Have amazing fertility and/or able to easily get pregnant? 
  • Manage your stress/emotional responses? 
  • Have a positive self image free from feeling overweight, looking pregnant, feeling less attractive and having a lack of intimacy?
  • Managed your symptoms, so they are NOT affecting your social & professional life? 
  • Feel more CONFIDENT about having control over your body? 
  • Calm your anxiety/fears about surgery and invasive treatments? 
  • Know that are more OPTIONS other than pills or surgery and you have the CHOICE to CHOOSE?

The WOMB Goddess Collective

In this membership you will LEARN something new about your body and gain healing strategies.
You will RELEASE unhealthy lifestyle choices. You will REBALANCE your body. You will RECALIBRATE your self-love. 

The Healthy Foundation

Learn what is not taught in school or by your doctor, so that you can have a foundational understanding of how your body works, which will help you advocate for yourself.

The Healthy Body & Living

Next, discover the 3 core areas to adjust, so that you can recover a healthy period & manage reproductive health issues.

The Healthy Mind & Energy

Last, we will learn to create menstrual balance, so that you can connect the brain, gut & heart (3 brains) to improve overall well-being.

What is the secret sauce?
Physical Health + Mental Health + Spiritual Health + Energetic Health = Whole Health

The WOMB Goddess Collective

Women Optimizing Menstrual Balance in a Sacred Sister Membership

Stop struggling with irregular, heavy or painful periods. Instead discover how to naturally balance your hormones for a healthy period without surgery, medication, restrictive diet or obsessing over exercise.

if you have questions, please

The best of both worlds...
coaching with a licensed therapist & we are breaking all the rules!

Why choose this MEMBERSHIP?

The WOMB Goddess Collective is specifically designed to...
work from the inside out

optimize your cycle physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively

align and get deeply connected with your sacred womb space

jumpstart start your journey of healing.

Unlike others working with women's wellness, I combine therapy and intuitive reproductive health coaching to help women naturally balance their hormones, eliminate pain and discomfort, and manage their anxiety and stress.

The immersion membership gifts you with opportunities to

Uncover the remarkable transformation in the comfort of your own home.

What is included?


Learn tools to create a PERSONALIZED intentional goal plan

Monthly workshop or masterclass to level up your transformation


 Monthly accountability & coaching calls, where, we will discuss wins, challenges and problem. This is where the community will hold you accountable and make sure nothing stands in your way of achieving your goals.


Unlimited email support & accountability

Access to the private FB group for judgement-free support

Access to the growing Resource Vault


Other opportunities to practice skills and techniques, have celebrations and connect to the community on a soul/energetic level

if you have questions, please

This membership is for you if:

  • You’re tired of helplessness about the control over your body. 
  • You’re looking for a holistic approach to eliminate pain in your womb. 
  • You’re ready to release fear, helplessness and negative self-image. 
  • You’re tired of figuring out the best approach without becoming a vegan or vegetarian. 
  • You’re ready to commit to less pain and discomfort in 90-days. 


finally being liberated from...
pain, discomfort and anxiety ...
having the vitality and energy to….{daily desire} ...
pride you’ll feel...healthier as you heal  

So let me just assure you, none of this is your fault! 
It’s hard to be informed if no one talks about it, so take a deep breath.  

Now, ask yourself... 
are you ready to jumpstart your lifestyle changes,
finally get your mind, body and spirit on the same page?

Next Steps...
If this feels aligned, then your first step... join using the links and get instant access!  
If you have questions or not sure...send me an email at, so we can chat and decide together if this is the right fit for you.  

Hey y'all, I'm Shawna!

I’m not just another health and wellness coach or a doctor that is going to give you the same strategies that are not sustainable. I’m not going to tell you to suck it up because this is your life either.

I’m an experienced Fibroid, PCOS & Peri-Menopause Warrior, Therapist, Intuitive Reproductive Health Coach, a total tree hugging spiritual badass and someone who's learned through trial and error.

I happen to have 13 years of personal experience, and I know that achieving your desire to eliminate pain and grow emotionally requires a lot of real-world strategy that you can handle as well as a new mindset on how to handle the changes.

I will teach you the exact formula I used and how to make small changes to your simplify daily self-care routines, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by changes.
Because if you have too many changes at once, sticking to lifestyle changes won’t last and you will be back to square one.

  I am living proof that you don’t have to change everything all at once or follow the prescribed plan and still be successful.

Now I help women not only naturally balance their hormones, but also take back their EMOTIONAL sanity and unapologetically stand in their power to advocate for themselves while still enjoying daily life WITHOUT consistent worry.

On every powerful step you take, I will hold sacred space for you because I know that YOU CAN DO IT!

Stay Rooted in Love. Inspired by Nature. Transform into a Goddess!