7 Days to Transform your Period

A free period week video challenge for women ready to
naturally fix their period, gain menstrual and hormone control, (finally) eliminate reproductive pain, boost energy, and conquer stress.

YES! It is possible!
 STOP listening to your doctor because they are brainwashing you!  
NO... you don’t need a hysterectomy or pills.  
NO… You don’t need to be a vegan, vegetarian or obsess over exercise!  
START optimizing your period and CHOOSE to advocate for yourself!    
Join the Transform your Period Challenge!

In this FREE challenge, you will learn:

  • COMMON myths & brainwashing we have all experienced or heard and HOW to use that information to advocate for yourself! 
  • WHY traditional information and protocols aren’t actually helping you fix your period, but KEEPING you in a dependent cycle to the medical community. 
  • Understand WHY birth control does NOT repair or ‘regulate’ your period. 
  • Some of the BASICS you didn’t learn in health class or by your doctor, so that you can UNDERSTAND how your body works and what adjustments you need to make for your own healing journey. 
  • The 7 POWERFUL and INTENTIONAL daily habits that you can put into practice right now for a HEALTHY PERIOD
Are you ready… I help women balance hormones to manage their reproductive and mental health,
so that they feel confident in their bodies and in control of their reproductive health journey!